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Welcome to Sublight Gaming

This is the Official website for the Sublight Gaming Community. Here you will find the latest news and updates, information on our servers, and a community forum.


Sublight Gaming is a community for gamers, mainly Garry's Mod, Minecraft, or other source games. We have a few Garrys Mod servers and a public Steam group(everyone is welcome to join!). We also have a Mumble server open to everyone in the community that you can join to voice chat with other members of the community. We plan on expanding to many more servers so join us and stick around. 


  • No spamming the forums or posting irrelevant threads in the wrong section.
  • Do no start flame wars on the Forums.
  • Obey the rules of any server you are on.
  • Treat other members with the respect you would like them to show you.
  • Do not advertise other groups or servers.
  • Have fun
  • Do not troll or antagonize others.

Our plan

Our plan is to make the one of the best, largest and most popular Steam gaming communities on the web, complete with a forums, multiple game servers, and chat rooms. Right now we have two Garrysmod servers a public Mumble server, but we plan to expand far beyond that in the future. Our goal is to reach 5-10 Garrysmod servers, 2 Minecraft servers, a TF2 server, a CS:S server, a Day of Defeat or Day of defeat: Source server, and maybe more. We operate off what I pay for the servers each month and user donations so if your feeling generous take a look at our donation page.

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